Benefits of Using a Drone

There are many benefits in using drones across a variety of different sectors. We've listed a few of the main ones below.

They can streamline agriculture management. Using a crop management system to observe, measure, and respond to variability in individual plants, farmers can target areas requiring attention. By pinpointing these areas, farmers can provide care only where needed—improving yield, conserving resources, and avoiding waste.

They can give access to hard-to-reach places. Aerial photography and videography using drones can be efficient and more affordable when compared to traditional methods for accessing hard to reach areas. Due to the size of drones, we can access hard to reach areas and fly up to 400ft in the air.

Save time.  Once we arrive on site, we can be up and flying in around 5 minutes, assuming all site surveys and risk assessments have been completed. This means you get your perfect shots quickly and due to the versatility of our drones, we can capture a larger range of shots than traditional methods.

Capture high-quality content. All of the equipment we use, including our drones, are incredibly high-quality. Our drones capture shots in full HD and we can create stunning aerial videos in 4k and higher resolution.



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