Film and Video Production

Halo Sound & Vision, creating creatively led, brand aware videos

We work hard to create high-quality videos using our huge range of videography equipment and aerial drones.

Our objective is to deliver stylish videos which strike the perfect balance between engaging the audience and successfully communicating our clients’ messages. This is achieved using a hands-on approach, from the initial concepts and storyboarding, right through to the filming and post-production. We make sure nothing is lost in translation and the key messages remain at the heart of the final production.

We are committed to capturing stunning videography and producing high-quality video productions for a diverse range of companies and individuals. 

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Corporate Video Services by Halo Sound and Vision

Film and Video Production

Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage) and even streaming media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production. It was initially equivalent to cinematography (moving images recorded on film stock). The advent of digital video recording in the late 20th century blurred the distinction between videography and cinematography, as in both methods the intermittent mechanism became the same. Nowadays, any video work outside commercial motion picture production could be called videography.

Post-production is part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. Post-production includes all stages of production occurring after shooting or recording individual program segments.



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